Welcome to Nonane Trading Pvt. Ltd.

The Nonane Group is involved in importing of chemical and electronics goods into India. We are one of Maharashtra's leading organic polymer brokers, with 4 processing centers in 3 port cities. We are also dealing with machine tools like mini-lathes, mills and accessories. We are also importing white goods like washing machines, refrigerator knocked-down units, and computer peripherals.

Besides the export-import trading, the Nonane Group owns various commercial and residential real-estate properties within Bombay.

Our commitment and goal to our customers is to strive to offer the best possible prices on all of our products. We have an entire purchasing department dedicated to finding the best possible deals for our valued client base. Consequently, due to the nature of the electronics industry the prices fluctuate all the time. Hence once order is confirmed by you we can no longer cancel or reduce the agreed price. Please note that we do not supply to end user but only in bulk quantity to resellers.

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